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We have been in business as a registered company since 1994 under the name Allan Fuller, Analytical Instrument Sales.  We were on the frontier of the Internet.  My computer friends at the University of Maine introduced me to a beta copy of a windows program called Mosaic later to be called Netscape.  It became quickly clear that the Internet was going to be a powerful marketing force for small companies.  The FTIR.com domain name was registered with Network Solutions in April 1996 and we registered FTIR.com as a company name with the State of New Hampshire in May 1996 and now also in the State of Maine.  Traditional companies did not even know how to spell it.  For the longest time, Dunn and Bradstreet spelled our company as FTIR dot Com.

FTIR.com has relocated to Benton, Maine from Nashua, New Hampshire in the United States of America.  We are located north of Boston and are served with commercial travel by airport in Portland (PWM), Bangor (BGR), Manchester (MHT), and Boston (BOS).  We are 6 miles from Waterville, Maine with over night shipping.  Our plane is located 14 miles away from Benton at Pittfield, Maine (2B7) airport. 

FTIR.com has their own airplane, which often provides more convenient and faster customer support than commercial airline travel. 


Aero Commander 114-500

FTIR.com’s Aero Commander 114

“Have Plane will Travel’


We are able to leave on our schedule and fly directly to the customer’s closest airport, which often is a general aviation airport.  We have the luxury of staying on the customer’s site to install, train, or service the equipment and leave on a schedule convenient to the customer and not that of the airlines.

Allan Fuller, Ph.D., founder, serves as president.  He has a doctorate in experimental physics.  He worked for Nicolet Instrument as salesman and later as Eastern Regional Sales Manager in charge of sales and application for the east coast of the U.S. for over 8 years.  He left Nicolet (now Thermo Nicolet) to join a start up company called Advanced Systems Design (ASD) as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  ASD was founded by some ex-Nicolet (Process Instrument Group) to focus on process and environmental applications using FTIR.  Its mission statement and ideas were ahead of its time.  The ideas and resources were acquired by a bigger company.  Shortly after the ASD experience, he joined Bio-Rad, Digilab Division as North American Sales Manager in charge of sales and applications where he worked for over 5 years.  After a 2 year stint with Fisons (VG Instruments) with their high resolution mass spectrometer and research quadrapole mass spectrometer groups, he started his own company representing a number of FTIR related companies including Midac, Axiom, IR Associates, Pike Technology, Remspec, and others. 

FTIR.com has a close working relationship with a number of companies and has created a number of innovative solutions associated with gas cell design and full systems to meet very difficult applications.  Allan Fuller has worked with leading scientists in industry and the academic world providing solutions and supporting research. In many work experiences and collaborations covering over 30 years, Allan Fuller has seen what projects work, what projects are sinks of resources, and where there are opportunities and solutions. 

FTIR.com uses a database of known successes, knowledge of the technology, and a network of experts.   We are a truly virtual company that networks with experts to provide solutions to our customer base with a minimum of overhead expenses, which minimizes costs to the customer while achieving outstanding state of the art solutions.

Barbara Marine serves as CFO of FTIR.com.

Dr. Allan Fuller has been involved with others in trying to protect the drinking water supply for Nashua and future generations.  He was founder and  chairman of the Pennichuck Brook Watershed Council.  This organization of concerned citizen think that it is our civic obligation to leave clean, abundant drinking water for future generations.  Nashua recently purchased the water company.  The goal is the to balance the pressures of development with conservation.  While in Nashua, he was on the Board of Directors on the Nashua Airport Authority.

Dr. Fuller was on the boards of the Sebasticook River Watershed Association and the Friends of Unity Wetlands.  The Friends of Unity Wetlands has renamed itself into the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust. The Sebasticook River Watershed Associated has merged with the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust. 



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