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Gas Quant Libraries

Quantitative Infrared Database


Typical Library Spectrum (below)




(Y-axis in Absorbance) (Wavenumbers in X-axis)

Methane (CH4) Quantitative Spectrum (100 ppm-meters)

in 1 atmosphere pressure of nitrogen at 25 Celsius

    Spectra can be expanded (below)




The QASoft Database contains quantitative reference spectra of over 386 vapor phase compounds. Each compound has a spectrum available in two resolutions, 0.5, 1.0 cm-1 . This collection is not simply an infrared atlas with spectral information alone.  Each spectrum is presented in absorbance units with a known concentration and path length.  This permits the computation of gas concentrations from a unknown sample spectrum without the need to handle potentially dangerous calibration gases. The calibration is inherent in the reference spectra. In analyzing for the 386 compounds, the only chemical the user will need to handle is his sample.

Data carried in each reference spectrum header include parameters for performing quantitative analysis using QASoft analysis software. Many of the headers contain parameters describing an important fingerprint band for the specific compound. These bands have been carefully selected by Infrared Analysis, Inc. to minimize interferences with other vapor phase spectra. The QASoft Database is available on DVD.

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