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New - FTIR Gas Analyzer

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Excellent Process FTIR Gas Analyzer

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Excellent Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

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The technology continues to improve in price, size, performance.   We have put together a turn key FTIR Gas Analyzer System that is small, complete with options, and ready to make measurements.

It includes a 2 cm-1 FTIR (optional 1 cm-1), transfer optics, nickel coated aluminum (stainless steel optional)  gas cell, optional heater blanket and controller, FCM with Classical Least Squares quant software, optional air conditioned NEMA container, and computer, optional alarms and analog 4-20 mA output of results.

The performance is excellent with RMS noise an amazing 0.00005 absorbance units for 32 scans at a resolution of 2 wavenumber (cm-1) using a room temperature DTGS detector.

Detection levels for most IR active gases is at least 1 ppm (detection levels depend on how strong an IR absorber the gas is and interferences from other gases).



Gas Cell Specifications

Pathlength: fixed (0.6 to 4.8 meters steps of 0.6 meters)

Volume: 0.5 liters

Dimensions: 24” long, 10” wide, 5” tall (610x254x127 mm)

Transfer Optics: purgeable

Cell Body: Ni coated Al (stainless steel optional)

Cell Hardware: aluminum black anodized

Mirrors: stainless steel, gold, MgF2 protection

Windows: KBr (CaF2, ZnSe, BaF2... optional)

O-rings: Viton (Teflon, Kal-Rez... optional)

Temperature Range: ambient to 200 Celsius

Pressure Range: vacuum to 15 psi (higher optional)

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