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Repair Used Equipment

Most FTIR spectrometers can be repaired to near new condition often at much less than the cost of a new FTIR.

FTIR spectrometers only have one moving part.  That is the mirror in a Michelson interferometer or mirror assembly in some corner cube interferometers.  There is little that can fail. 

We can supply or refurbish the major items that fail:

  • laser and laser power supply
  • source
  • beamsplitter
  • power supply

There are other items that can fail, but they are rare.  Replacing one of these parts and aligning the optics will often return a older FTIR into near new performance.  We can supply infrared sources, lasers and laser power supplier, detectors, and refurbish old beamsplitters to new condition.  We can provide telephone support and talk you through a repair.  We also can have someone visit your lab if necessary.

We have supported the following FTIRs:

  • Thermo - Nicolet - 205, 5PC, Protoge, Magna series, Nexus
  • Perkin Elmer - Parigon series, ,
  • Bio-Rad (Digilab, Varian) - FTS40, FTS60,
  • MIDAC - I-Series, M-Series
  • and other FTIRs. 

FTIR.com has some used FTIR spectrometers and parts.  The used equipment turns over and this site does not keep things up to date. 

We also will list your old FTIR spectrometers and accessories for sale.

Here are some examples of equipment that is or has been available (I have not listed accessories or parts that have sold.)

  • MIDAC G-Series Gas Analysis System, 0.5 cm-1 resolution FTIR, MCT Detector, 10 meter gas cell, Autoquant software for $6,000.00
  • Thermo Nicolet FTIR Avitar for $5,000.00
  • HP Computer, 3.2 GHz Xeon processor, 2 GB Ram, XP Pro, Version 2002, Service Pack 3, 150 GB Hard Drive, Nvidea Quadro FX3450 Video Card for $400.00
  • Thermo Nicolet FTIR Magna II 760 FTIR, 0.5 cm-1 resolution with Mid-IR and Near-IR capability, DTGS detector, MCT A detector, KBr beamsplitter, CaF2 beamsplitter, InGaAs detector, Laser Raman Accessory, standards, Omnic 7.3, digital manuals, excellent working condition for $15,000.
  • Bruker Tensor with Opus software with a DTGS detector and MCT detector in excellent working condition for $8,000.00

We have various parts and manuals for other FTIR spectrometers and accessories.  We often can source parts for spectrometers and accessories no longer supported by the original manufacture.  Please call if you have a need for used equipment.  We have used accessories, detectors, sources, lasers, beamsplitters. 

We will consider giving a trade-in allowance for an old accessory or spectrometer towards the purchase of software or one of our new gas cells.  For example, we have taken in old Nicolet gas cells or CIC Photonics gas cells towards the purchase of one of our rugged gas cells.

We refurbish old FTIR beamsplitters to new condition by replacing the degraded optics with new optics.  Performance will be equal to or better than the original beamsplitter.


Call us at 603 886-5555 or e-mail us at Info@ftir.com


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