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FCM - CLS Software

FTIR Collection Manager




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FCM is an easy to use FTIR software package

FCM features:

  • Browser your computer and display Grams, Nicolet, Bruker, MKS spectra from their native format together on one screen
  • Collect Nicolet Omnic spectra
  • Collect Bruker Opus spectra
  • CLS quantitative analysis on unknown gas phase spectra
  • CLS linear and non-linear quantitative analysis
  • Use mixed format CLS standards collected in Grams, Omnic, Opus, MKS format

IMPORTANT: CLS does not need more than one reference sample per gas to be analyzed.  PLS (and PCR) needs many reference samples that are often difficult and time consuming to create.

  • Synthetic Reference - calculates background from raw date
  • “REAL TIME” FTIR collection
  • “REAL TIME” CLS quantitative analysis
  • “REAL TIME” trend chart display CLS results
  • “REAL TIME” spreadsheet display of CLS results
  • “REAL TIME” process monitoring and process control
  • “REAL TIME” logging of raw data
  • Post collect analysis of raw data using new or revised methods
  • Digital input and output control options
  • Easy to copy and paste data into professional looking reports

Turn your laboratory FTIR spectrometer into a


  • Gas cells for all applications
  • FCM easy to browse, display, collect data
  • CLS quant graphics setup interface easy and logical
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Increase performance

 Enformatic FTIR Collection Manager has three modes of operation:

  1. Stand Alone Mode
  2. Master Mode
  3. Slave Mode


FCM is powerful add on software for Bruker and Thermo Nicolet spectrometers. 

It allows real time collect, real time CLS linear and non-linear  quant and display of the concentration results verse time.

One can save raw data for archival or for post collect CLS analysis of the data using different or refined methods.

FCM has the ability to generate a synthetic reference from the collected data removing the requirement for collecting a clean background spectrum.

We offer calibration spectra.

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