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In-situ Analyzer

 In-situ Analyzer

The In-situ Analyzer shown below is an example of a system was design for measuring the impurities of gases in scrubbers and chemical agent in gas testing chambers.  This concept system is ideally suited to measure the impurities in building air ventilation systems,  monitoring impurities as it is wheeled through rooms in buildings, or installed in other places where the people meet or use during the course of entertainment, travel, or business.  It is an excellent system  for tracking down sick building syndrome problems and home land security applications. 

We can redesign that using the Bruker Alpha to make a very powerful, small, portable FTIR Gas Analyzer.

The main features are cell walls are cut out so that the gas concentrations in vicinity of the cell can be measured with a know, calibrated pathlength.  The mirrors are headed to minimize moisture condensation.  There are provisions for gas curtains to sweep dry, clear purge gas over the mirror surfaces to keep them clean and free of particulate contamination.

The in-situ gas cell shown below is configured with a Bruker IR-Cube process FTIR spectrometer with an internal DTGS detector and an external liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector.  The in-situ gas cell can be configured with most any FTIR spectrometer.


Side view of Insitu Analyzer

Side View of In-situ Gas Cell and FTIR Spectrometer on Baseplate


In-situ - straight on view-500


Looking at In-situ Gas Cell towards FTIR and baseplate



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