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FTIR.com’s Privacy Policy

We do have site statistics monitoring the number of people going to the site, pages visited, the IP address, time stamp of visit, referring search engine, and the key words used.  We have added Google Site Search (January 26, 2009) and Google Analytics (about the same time).   We still will keep all information confidential and will only know you if you e-mail or call us.  If you are concern about Google’s collected information you should check out their website on those two topics.  The reality is that Google and other similar companies are all over the internet and they cannot be avoided easily.

You are anonymous to FTIR.com and will remain so.  We only get to know our visitors when you send us an e-mail or call us for more information.  Many people do contact us and we keep that information confidential.  We use the information to answer your questions and use it for our company business.  We do not give it out to any third parties, advertisers, telemarketers, or sell it to mailing lists.   We do not put any cookies on any of our pages.  There maybe cookies placed on the link with the title NetObjects Web Design or Google Analytics statistical collection. 

First of all, we want make a statement about the quality of the products and services we offer.  We only allow items to be posted on this site that we believe are excellent products and are supported well.  We have been around the block in the analytical instrument business and we know that poor products and poor support is the quickest way to failure and lost credibility.

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