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Process Analyzer


The Bruker IR Cube and Bruker Alpha can be the FTIR engine for an excellent FTIR for a process analyzer.  Coupled with FCM software (pages discussed above) makes for a programable process analyzer. 

Matrix with 6 meter gas cell
                                            Bruker Matrix with 6 meter pathlength cell

Bruker Alpha as Procss Gas Analyzer
                                        Bruker Alpha with 4.8 meter pathlength gas cell


The Process Analyzer is a Bruker IR-Cube process FTIR spectrometer interfaced with a number of process accessories.  The image below shows a few concept drawings of the system.  The accessories are custom designed for the specific application. They may be short path gas cells (1 cm to 15 cm pathlength) for the measurement of high concentrations of components to long path gas cells (1 meter to 200 meters) for measuring low concentrations of components.  The cells are custom designed to take into consideration, activity of the gases, window, O-ring requirements, etc. 

The IR-Cube is an ideal FTIR for many of these applications because it is hermetically sealed (protected from the environment), corner cube design (self alignment and stable , high signal to noise (low detection levels), TCP/IP communications (internet protocol allowing long around the world communications), excellent PLS quantitation software, and more.

The Bruker Alpha has an option using ZnSe beamsplitter that can resist high humidity environments. 


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