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        Most Popular items are:

          Gas Cells

          Custom designs and solutions

          Beamsplitters for older FTIRs

          Parts for older FTIRs

          Used FTIR spectometers

          Repair of old unsupported FTIRs

          FTIR Gas Analyzers


    We offer the following:

    Gas cells:

    The gas cells are designed for performance & custom applications made of nickel, stainless steel, nickel coated aluminum, polymers,  or glass.  These gas cells can go into a spectrometer sample compartment, a pipe, or a customer configuration.  We can interface them to fiber optics cable.

    Pathlengths from 1 cm to 200 meters.  Routine and rugged designs to measure impurities and moisture in very reactive gases

     (HF, F2, HCl, Cl2, NF3, WF6, others).

    FCM Software:

    Our FTIR Collection Manager Software (FCM) is powerful and unique. 

    FCM is a browser that can display spectra Omnic, Opus, Grams, and MKS files all in the same display at the same time for easy comparison of spectra.  

    FCM will collect spectra.

    FCM will calculate concentrations of multiple gas components using classical least squares (CLS) in the gas cell.

    FCM will do “real time” concentration and display of concentrations of gas in a gas stream or kinetics experiment.

    FCM can be used for process monitoring and process control.

    FCM will control Thermo/Nicolet and/or, Bruker FTIR Spectrometers and read and display at the same time:

    Our software team can do custom software development for you.



    We have a new and used gas analysis systems.  We also can put together a custom system that will meet your application requirements.  There are a number of examples of creative gas cells that have been designed for a specific applications.  You may find something that stimulates your imagination.  One must remember that necessity is the mother of invention. 


    We can refurbish beamsplitters for  Thermo/Nicolet FTIR spectrometers, Varian (also known as Bio-Rad or Digilab) FTIR spectrometers, Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrometers (and other FTIR spectrometers). 

    We have also provided beamsplitters of femtosecond laser experiments and special custom applications.


    We have provided parts for old FTIR accessories as well as provide new FTIR accessories. 

    Parts of Older FTIR Spectrometers

    Over the last few years we have seen Thermo Nicolet and Perkin Elmer drop support for their older FTIR Spectrometer models.  These FTIR spectrometers are still good instruments except for a failed part.  We have access for many spare parts for these instruments.  We can refurbish old beamsplitter for most all FTIR spectrometers.  We have lasers, laser power supplies for most FTIR spectrometers.  We have sources for most Nicolet FTIR spectrometers and many other spectrometers such as Perkin Elmer.  The bottom line is call us to see if can supply parts or get your older FTIR spectrometer repaired.   We also can talk you through analyzing why your FTIR spectrometer is not working well.

    Repair of old FTIR spectrometers that are no longer supported by their manufacturers or manufacturers that have been acquired by bigger companies that have little interest in repairing older instruments.  Call us.

Our goal is to support you and your coworkers, boss, and customers.

We hope to provide you with useful information and products that will make your project a success. If you are successful, we will be a successful.   Our goal is to grow our business through new and  repeat business from you and your associates.

We have been involved in FTIR spectroscopy in one way or another since its earlier days in the mid-1970s. We have a very strong technical background in the technology and a network of experts and innovators.   In some cases, our experts are the design engineers who use to work for these companies.  We have worked for a few leading manufacturers of FTIR spectrometers over the years (Nicolet, Digilab, Midac) and have provided solutions to some of the leading scientists, universities, and corporations in the world. No job is too big or too small in today’s world of virtual companies. We have the ability to pull a team of experts and manufacturing capabilities together to solve most any project.

It is our mission to provide innovative and proven solutions using FTIR technology.  We know what works and what to avoid. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work closely with our customers, listening to their needs, and then provide solutions customized by design to meet those needs. 

Treat us as an expert system when it comes to FTIR technology. If we do not know the answer, we know where to get the answer.

We also service everything we sell.  We refurbish our gas cells to near new condition at a reasonable price.  This refurbishment includes new or re-coated mirrors, re-coating the cell wetted surfaces, electro-polishing, new o-rings, new windows, alignment, and vacuum certification.  (See the Gas Cell Service page below under the Long Pass Gas Cell section.)

Feel free to call, fax or e-mail us.  It is impossible to put all the available options on this web site. 

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