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Thermo Nicolet Parts



Part Number       Description                                   MSRP*               Asking Price

470-098300          Thermo Nicolet 470/670          $7,268.00          $2,000.00

                                 Electronics Module
470-189400       Thermo Nicolet Avatar 370     $5,245.00          $1,500.00

                                Electronics Module

840-068900          Thermo Continuum                  $7,710.00           $2,000.00

                                 MCT/A 25mm/16um

840-151000          Thermo Off-Axis                       $7,180.00          $2,000.00

                                 CaF2 Beamsplitter

840-129300          Thermo On-Axis Quartz          $7,840.00          $2,250.00


Thermo no longer sells these three items.

711-000900         Thermo Nicolet Magna 550 IR  Source              $1,000.00

470-157000         Thermo Nicolet Magna Gen 2 Power Supply    $2,000.00

410-019000         Thermo Nicolet Magna  OBC                                $2,000.00

These following FT-Raman items come as a complete unit.


Part Number       Description                                   MSRP            

008-708700          Raman 750                                  $28,800.00

                                Diode Head


113-089000          RMN750 S-P                               $15,000.00

                                Power Supply

470-089000          YAG Head Mounted                   $25,650.00


We are willing to sell a complete set at a significant discount



*Manufactures’ Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)


.There are a few more items that need to be putting together that will be available. 


Call for more information.




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