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Beamsplitter Repair

We have refurbished FTIR spectrometer beamsplitters to “new condition”.    

We can provide beamsplitters for most commercial FTIR spectrometers such as Thermo/Nicolet, Bio-Rad, Digilab, Varian, Perkin Elmer, MIDAC, Mattson, and other FTIR manufacturers. 

We require the metal beamsplitter mounts (frame).  We then replace the  beamsplitter optical elements with new optics.  These refurbished beam splitters  meet or exceed the original performance specifications. 

We can provide beamsplitters with KBr, ZnSe and CaF2 optics. 

We have provided beamsplitters for pulsed laser experiments doing femtosecond laser applications. 

We will provide a quotation on your request.  You will find that our pricing will be less than that offered by the original manufacture if they supported the FTIR.  We have found that the original manufacture often will not support t.heir older FTIR spectrometer models.   We will try to support you when possible.


Cracked Nicolet Beamsplitter

This photo of a cracked Nicolet beamsplitter.  The photo shows other damage at the edges.  This beamsplitter mount was refilled with new beamsplitter optics. 

We have repaired Nicolet, Bio-Rad and Perkin Elmer beamsplitters that were water damaged, fogged, shattered because of being dropped.  Doesn’t matter if it is broken or doesn’t work we can bring it to new working condition.

The refurbished beamsplitter equaled or exceeded the original Nicolet beamsplitter performance.  The cost was less than a new Nicolet beamsplitter if it were available from Thermo/Nicolet, which it wasn’t.  

Most FTIR spectrometers will work as good as new if they are repaired.  We can supply the parts to make most any FTIR spectrometer work well.  The parts that fail most often are beamsplitteres, sources, lasers, detectors, and power supplies.  Replace those failed parts and your back running at a fraction of the cost of a new FTIR spectrometer. 

Call us at 603 886-5555 or email us at afuller@ftir.com

We are looking forward to working with you. 

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