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10 CM Cell

10 Centimeter Gas Cell

The 10 cm gas cell described below is constructed with a 316 stainless steel body, 1/4" SS welded VCR fittings, purge tubes, wedged ZnSe windows, and Viton o-rings.  The gas cell is designed to fit in a standard center focused laboratory FTIR sample compartment.  We will adjust the standoff height and pick a base plate for the instrument you are using.  The gas cell has its own base plate and does not fit on a slide mount in the sample compartment.  We can provide a heater jacket, and temperature controller.  Same pricing for these items as shown for the 1 cm cell.

The wetted surfaces can be electo-polished or Ni coated for added ruggedness for use with very active gases


MER10CM-exploded view



10 CM Gas Cell for Center Focus FTIR With Purge Fittings

Call or email about some lower cost options


Mercury Series Single Pass Gas Cell.  Baseplate and mounting fixture for center-focus FT-IR with telescoping purge tubes to seal against sample compartment bulkheads(1/8” SS Swagelock purge connections provided).  Sample line connections 1/4” SS welded VCR fittings.  Comes with two 25 mm x 4 mm wedged, ZnSe windows.




Cell Body:

Cell Hardware:

Optical Coating:

Temperature Range:

Pressure Range:


10 cm

0.1 liters

stainless steel

aluminum black anodized


ambient-200 C

ambient-45 psi



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