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1 CM Cell

1 Centimeter Gas Cell

This 1 cm gas cell is configured with KBr windows and Viton o-rings.  Other windows and o-rings are available.  Calcium fluoride, barium fluoride, zinc selenide are polular windows.  Kalrez and Teflon o-rings are popular alternates to Viton.  We have windows such as sapphire, quarts for other applications.  This gas cell is configured with purge tubes similar to those shown in the diagram below for a 10 cm gas cell. 

The cell construction is welded stainless steel body, 1/4" SS welded VCR fittings or Swagelok fittings (your choice), KBr windows, electro-polished, and Viton o-rings.  The gas cell is designed for a center focus FTIR or an external beam application.  We will adjust the standoff height and pick a base plate for the instrument being used.  The gas cell can be mounted on the instrument manufacturer’s base plate for easy and quick setup and removal from the sample compartment. 


These cells do not fit on a typical slide mount found in an commercial sample compartments because of the purge tubes.  The gas cell may be heated by heater tape or a more professionally made heater jacket and temperature controller.

This stainless cell is designed for very active gases when configured with the correct window and o-ring materials.

 1 CM Mercury Gas Cell 


Mercury Series Single Pass Gas Cell.  Baseplate and mounting fixture for center-focus FT-IR with purge baffles between gas cell and sample compartment windows (1/8”ss Swagelok connections provided).  Gas cell for external beam applications without purge available at reduced price.  Sample line connections 1/4” SS welded VCR fittings (or Swagelok).  Comes with two 25 mm x 4 mm, KBr windows and Viton o-rings.




Cell Body:

Cell Hardware:

Optical Coating:

Temperature Range:

Pressure Range:


1 cm

0.01 liters

stainless steel

aluminum black anodized


ambient-200 C.

ambient-45 p.s.i.



Heater for 1 cm Mercury Series gas cell



Digital controller, user programmable.  110 V (220V optional) with a J type thermocouple.


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