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5 cm Cell for Alpha

      Rugged 5 cm short path gas cell

for the

Bruker Alpha FTIR Spectrometer

(and other FTIR spectrometers)

    This small volume (~15 cc) gas cell is mounted on a slide mount as shown below.  It has a path length for 5 cm and an internal diameter of about 20 mm.  This gas cell is made of 316L stainless steel and uses 4 mm x 25 mm diameter windows.  The gas stream input/output connections is made with 1/4” VCR fittings allowing for easy and reliable make and break connections.  The standard o-rings and windows provided are Viton and KBr, respectively.  Other o-rings such as Teflon, Kalrez, Butal, etc. and windows such as CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, etc. are available as options.    The choice of o-rings and windows is dependent on chemical properties of the gases that will be in contact with the gas cell. 

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5 cm path length, 15 cc volume gas cell on a slide mount


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