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High Pressure 5 CM Cell

We have designed a custom high pressure 5 cm cell for a Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrometer.  The cell can handle 100 psi pressures safely.

5 cm cell

This 5 cm gas cell is made of stainless steel.  The end plate flanges have extra clearance to accept thicker ZnSe windows that will handle the higher pressures.   It has stainless steel VCR fittings welded into the end plate flanges.  The gas inlet and outlet lines are made of high pressure stainless steel tubing.  The gas cell is totally inside the closed sample compartment with the gas lines coming out of the bottom of the baseplate and face the front of sample compartment. 

This just an example of some custom design we can do for you.  If you can not buy it off the shelf, we can design and make it for you.


Call us or email us with your request and specifications.



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