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Enclosure Features

The design of the enclosure is an integral part of the total system performance.


Design Considerations For The FTIR Enclosure


  • Vacuum tight for evacuating and purge cycling
  • Vented screws for minimizing virtual leaks
  • Special purge flow design to minimize dead volumes
  • Fast dry down for low level moisture background
  • Vacuum feed through of electrical connectors
  • Window post to view laser, source, and moving mirror to insure FTIR operation and fast service diagnostics
  • Vacuum sealed port for access to detector pre amp gain and linearity trim pot controls
  • Minimized IR beam path in purges enclosure (less than 0.6 meters)
  • Easy to remove top cover for repair
  • Easy to remove gas cell for fast exchange or repairs
  • Industrial rugged packaging


Inside Moisture Analyzer

View inside the Active Gas Analyzer Enclosure (FTIR)


Moisture Analyzer back view

Moisture Analyzer - back view of vacuum tight enclosure



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