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Software Advantages

The software has special features to allow it to handle process very active  gases in a process stream.  It is not possible or practicable to interrupt to process stream to evacuate the gas cell or fill it with dry nitrogen gas to measure a zero moisture background single beam spectrum.


Gas Processing Software

  • Seamless integration of software
  • "Artificial Reference" software  allows creation of a single beam reference spectrum from the sample spectrum  by-passing the requirement to take a reference spectrum using a zero gas in the gas cell
  • The "Artificial Reference" can then be used as the background single beam spectrum used to calculate the absorbance spectrum of the gas being measured
  • This whole procedure allows one  to process quantification data on gas streams without the need to evacuate or fill the gas cell with a sample free reference
  • The absorbance spectrum produced is undistorted and can be used interchangeably with standard absorbance spectra
  • This whole process can be  automated for stand alone batch operation or integrated with PLC software such  as Wonderware, MOD Buss, Visual Basic, or Active X for total process monitoring  and/or process control automation
  • The total system can be used for measuring moisture in corrosive gas down to 100 ppb or lower and/or measuring  impurities in corrosive or reactive gases such as F2, Cl2,  HF, HCl, HBr, etc.


Screen Display of Interferogram

Screen shot of interferogram


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