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FTIR Advantages

Measuring moisture in active and especially corrosive gases has been a problem.  FTIR has been used because of its ability to measure a number of components as well as moisture very accurately down to low ppb levels, be rugged  for long time frames of a year or more before maintenance is required, as well  as other considerations.

Advantages of the FTIR Interferometer


  • Dynamic  alignment for short term and long term stability
  • Computer controlled alignment for high energy throughput
  • High signal to noise performance for better that 10,000/1 in %T or 0.1 milli-absorbance units of noise for a 1 minute scan at 1 cm-1 resolution
  • Pin and place  pre-aligned components for easy, reproducible, replacement of components by the user
  • Full diagnostic software/hardware, which monitors and displays voltages/currents for each component such as laser, source, detector, dynamic alignment, temperature,  and more with recommended solutions/repairs if a problem is detected
  • Excellent  stability as demonstrated by well ratioed water bands made from single beam spectra taken just a few minutes or hours apart
  • Pin and place  detector replacement
  • Computer control of mirror scan velocity, detector gain, preamplifier band pass filters
  • Smart "On Board Computer" for control of the interferometer
  • Resolution of  0.5 cm-1 standard and optional 0.125 cm-1
  • Fast scan speeds allow one to make repeating kinetics measurements often in less  than 20 seconds down to less that 1 ppm detection levels for most impurities

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