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1-5 Meter, 500cc Volume

Venus 500 cc - 1 - 5 Meter Pathlength Gas Cell

The variable pathlength Venus cell described here is made of borosilicate glass. The volume is about 500 cc.  Nickel coated aluminum or stainless steel construction is available for more rugged applications.




Venus Series Long Path Gas Absorption cell  for FTIR gas analysis.  Transfer optics for center-focus FTIR and standard cell holder.  SS Swagelok connections, with flow tube and SS valves.  Comes standard with two 25 mm x 4 mm KBr windows.




Cell Body:

Cell Hardware:

Optical Coating:

Temperature Range:

Pressure Range:

1 to 5 meters, variable

500 cc

borosilicate glass (pyrex)

aluminum black anodized

gold, durable native

ambient-100 C.


  • This gas cell in a fix path configuration is priced at $5,200.00
  • Nickel coated aluminum and 316 stainless steel versions are also available.  
  • Contact FTIR.com. 

    Let us configure and price a gas cell to meet your application. 

    603 886-5555 or email afuller@ftir.com.



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