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1-6 Meter, Conflat Seal

1 - 6 Meter Fixed Pathlength Gas Cell, 0.5 Liter Volume  with

Conflat Seals for Moisture and Impurities in Active Gases

This gas cell was specially designed for monitoring impurities in very active gases. The gas cell use high vacuum, metal conflat seals instead of elastomer O-rings sealing the two end flanges to the cell body.  The windows are sealed with Viton, Telfon, Chem-Rez, or other O-ring material.  We can pick the appropriate conflat seal (copper or nickel), windows, and window O-rings seals to meet the requirements of the active gas.  The metal parts including the inlet/outlet VCR fittings are stainless steel. The gas cell has a stinger tube, stainless steel mirrors coated with native gold with a thin overcoat of magnesium fluoride.  The volume of the cell is 500 cc. The pathlength is fixed a ranges from ~ 1 meters to 6 meters in steps of 0.5 meters. The gas cell mounts on a fixture that allows for a secondary seal to protect the spectrometer. 

While this cell was especially designed for the Moisture Analyzer in corrosive gases and Impurities in very active gases such as pure fluorine or chlorine (see F2 Analyzer above), it may be configured with a special transfer optics for use in a laboratory FTIR.

Moisture in Cl2

Conflat Mars Series Gas Cell

This long path gas cell for measuring impurities in active gases using FTIR spectrometer has a pathlength that is fixed at time of order from 1 to 6 meter in steps of about 0.5 meters.  The cell mounts on secondary seal fixture for the Moisture/F2 FTIR Analyzer or can be installed in a sample compartment of a laboratory FTIR spectrometer. Optics mounted on easily removable subassemblies. SS metal body, fittings with ” welded VCR connections and flow tube.  Comes with two 25 mm x 4 mm KBr windows with Viton O-rings.  The secondary seal comes with KBr windows with Viton O-rings.  This system comes with nickel conflat gaskets.  Alternate O-rings, windows, and copper conflat seals are available.


6 Meters, fixed (User can pick at no charge an optional fixed pathlength in the range of ~ 0.6 meters to 6 meters in steps of about 0.6 meters)


~0.5 liters

Cell Body:

stainless steel, electro-polished, (Ni coated 316 stainless available)

Cell Hardware:

stainless steel and black anodized aluminum

Optical Coating:

gold or silver reflective coating over nickel coated stainless steel all with a protective coating for MgF2 or other protective coating

Temperature Range:

ambient to 200 Celsius

Pressure Range:

vacuum to 15 psi with KBr windows  (higher pressures available with different windows or design criteria)


Conflat Cell on Moisture Analyzer-500

Conflat Mars Series Gas Cell

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