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All Conflat/MIDAC

We have designed and delivered some custom gas cells for a MIDAC I-Series FTIR spectrometer.  This one cell below is a 200 cc gas cell with conflat flanges/seals for the end plates similar as that used on the 1 to 6 meter pathlength gas cell above.   This gas cell has a pathlength of 2 meters in a very small cell volume of 200 cc. 

It has some other special features.  This cell has all metal-metal seals or metal-ZnSe seals.  There are no elastimers used in the cell.  This is an excellent cell for high vacuum applications or applications were chemical reactions of the gas and elastimers is a concern.  This cell has three VCR ports on the top of the cell.  They can be connected to sample input and output lines, a vacuum pump, or a pressure gauge. 

There is a special port on the bottom of the cell.  This port allows one to connect to special sampling equipment. 

One application is to do off gasing from samples as they are heated up.  This is a variation of a TGA experiment.  The cell with the sample on the bottom port plate is evacuated and sealed from the pump.  The sample is slowly heated up and the gases emitted enter the cell and the IR spectrum is measured by the FTIR spectrometer. 



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