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2-20 Meter, 8 Liter

8 Liter - 2-20 Meter Variable Pathlength Gas Cell

This cell is a standard 20-meter cell (part number MARS 8L/20M) from our catalog.  It is made of nickel-coated aluminum, Viton O-rings, and the standard windows are made of KBr (25 mm x 4 mm thick).  The fittings used in the cell, as shown the picture, are Swagelok 3/8" connections (part #SS-600-1-OR), which has a SAE/MS straight thread 9/16-18 with an O-Seal on the plate and a 3/8 swage on top.  One of the fittings is bored through to pass the 3/8" diameter flow tube (see picture).  The base path (distance between mirrors) is 22 inches, over all length is about 25 inches without valves, diameter of the flanges is about 6 inches.

The cell will work in a horizontal mounting configuration or in a vertical configuration in any spectrometer sample compartment. 

The transfer optics shown takes the IR beam in one window and out the other to a detector.  This cell will deliver excellent optical throughput due in part to the large diameter of the meters and the resultant 8-liter volume.  This cell can be interfaced to almost any spectrometer. 

We can make customized modifications to the cell design at an additional price.  We can also provide a glass body cell at a price of $9,600.00, but of course it is not as rugged.  We also can supply a 20 meter, 3 liter cell using corner cube optics with a corresponding lower energy throughput and the price higher.  We can also provide any of these cells using 316 stainless steel or solid nickel at higher prices.    Stainless steel or nickel construction is used where more chemically rugged properties are required.   As always, special O-rings and windows are available to meet the requirements of the application.

Please let us know if you have some special application requirements, because we have other options available. 


MARS 8 Liter 2-20 Meter Aluminum Gas Cell


MARS Series Gas Cells

MARS Series Long Path Gas Absorption Cell for FTIR gas analysis.  Mounting fixture and transfer optics for center-focus FTIR optics mounted on easily removable subassemblies. SS valves and fittings with SAE 3/8” Swagelok connections and flow tube.  Comes with two 25 mm x 4 mm KBr windows as standard.




Cell Body:

Cell Hardware:

Optical Coating:

Temperature Range:

Pressure Range:

20 meters, fixed

8 liters

aluminum electroless nickel

aluminum electroless nickel

gold, durable native

ambient-200 C.

vacuum-15 psi, pressure depends on window material

Heating options are available.


Typical Lay out of a 20 Meter Variable Pathlength Gas Cell 

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