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8-80 Meter

8 - 80 Meter, 18 Liter Multi-Pass Gas Cell


High energy throughput 8 to 80 meter variable pathlength long path gas cells. It has a micrometer barrel adjustment that allows for easy, reproducible pathlength adjustment. The cell body and end plates are metal. This rugged construction is safer than Pyrex glass body construction.  The gas cells may be installed in a sample compartment or an external beam of a laboratory FTIR spectrometer. 

The description of this cell is outlined below.


8 - 80 Meter Variable Pathlength Gas Cell

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Saturn Series Long Path Gas Absorption Cell for FTIR gas analysis.  Mounting fixture and transfer optics for center-focus FTIR. Optics mounted on easily removable subassemblies. SS valves and fittings with 3/8” Swagelok connections and flow tube.  Comes with two 37.5 mm x 4 mm KBr windows.




Cell Body:

Cell Hardware:

Optics Material

Optical Coating:

Cell Design:


Temperature Range:

Pressure Range:

Base Path:

Over Long Length:

Inside Diameter:

Outside Diameter:


14 to 96 meters, variable

approx. 18 liters.

nickel plated aluminum

aluminum black anodized

316 stainless optics

protected silver

modified Horn-Pimantel retroreflecting multipass cell

ambient to 200 C

vacuum  to 22 psi

approx. 1 meter

approx. 48 inches

approx. 5 inches

approx. 7 inches



Exploded view of 80 meter gas cell


8 - 80 Meter Cell installed vertically in the sample compartment


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