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4.8M Cell for Alpha

Gas Cell for a Bruker Alpha

(making a low cost gas analyzer)

    Below is a 4.8 meter gas cell with ~0.5 liters volume mounted into a Bruker Alpha spectrometer.  This combination makes for a small footprint, high performance, rugged FTIR gas analysis system. 

    Couple this gas cell made of nickel coated aluminum in an Bruker Alpha FTIR with our FCM software and this system becomes a low cost, light, real time gas analyzer for continuous gas monitoring. 

    ** See the second page of www.FTIR.com for more variations of this concept.

    The gas cell comes standard with 25 mm KBr windows, Viton O-rings, and VCR fittings.  Optional Swagelok connections, window such as KCl, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe and other materials, and O-ring such as Teflon, Kal Rez, Butal, and other sealing materials are available.

    The gas cell body can be made of nickel coated aluminum (light weight) , stainless steel (more chemically resistant), solid nickel (even more chemically resistant).  



Vertical configuration of 4.8 M gas cell for the

Bruker Alpha FTIR Spectrometer


It comes in a vertical configuration, horizontal configuration and stacked configuration.  (see New FTIR Gas Analyzer in this website above)

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