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10M2L/Collimated Beam

We have gas cell transfer optics for interfacing to a collimated IR beam.  This configuration will accept a collimated IR beam in and provide a collimated beam out.  The height of the input and output ports can be adjusted to meet the IR beam height of the spectrometer.

There maybe a slight charge for this option.  That extra charge depends on what custom transfer optics is required to make the gas cell work.  The illustration shown below is for an Earth gas cell with a glass body with a 2 Liter volume and a 10 meter pathlength.  We can provide this options for any one of our gas cells going from 1 meter to 200 meters in pathlength.  The off axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors may need to be different depending on the gas cell being interfaced and spectrometer optical requirements.

Earth 10M 2L with OAP


Dimensions for a Earth 2 liter, 10 meter gas cell set up for collimated IR input and output beams.


This photo shows the off axis parabolic mirror with adjustment screws

for one of the inputs or output beams in the transfer optics.


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