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1.6 - 6.4 Meter, 750cc

The gas cell can come in a fixed pathlength user selected or a variable pathlength version.  The pathlength can be fixed or variable from 1.6 to 6.4 meters in steps of 0.8 meters.  The volume is about 750 cc.  The variable pathlength mode comes with a micrometer adjustment to set the pathlength.  The cell comes borosilicate glass body (Pyrex) or nickel coated aluminum or stainless steel construction for more rugged applications.

This cell has larger mirrors over the 500 cc version.  The larger mirrors collect a larger solid angle of radiation being reflected back and forth between the field mirror and the objective mirror.  The basepath is slightly longer giving a longer pathlength for any fixed number of reflections.  The performance is excellent. 

Note: The ratio of pathlength to volume is highest for this family of gas cells giving it excellent energy throughput and IR performance.

The base price for a borosilicate cell body gas cell starts at $5,400.00.  The price for Ni coated Al cell is $9,200.00  and 316 stainless gas cell is $13,200.00.  Variable pathlength is available for any of the gas cells at a slightly higher price.  The price could be even higher depending on o-rings and windows.  We can interface one these gas cells to any FTIR spectrometer.

Call us and we will configure a gas cell that meets your technical requirements. 

Call: 603 886-5555

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