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10 Meter, 2 Liter

Nickel Gas Cell for WF6 Applications

The following gas cell is configured for a specific application for measuring impurities such as HF, CF4, and OF2 in pure WF6.  This cell is constructed of nickel rather than nickel coated aluminium or 316 stainless steel.  The pathlength is 10 meters with a volume of 2 liters. The windows are CaF2 instead of more standard KBr or ZnSe windows.  The gas inlet/outlet lines are  connected to the gas cell using welded stainless steel 1/4” VCR fittings. The cell can be installed either vertically or horizontally.  The price for this custom cell is $18,400.00.

The base price for pyrex glass construction and KBr windows is 6,800.00.

The base price for a nickel coated aluminum construction is $10,800.00

The base price for stainless steel construction is $15,800.00

The base price for Ni coated stainless steel construction is $16,000.00

The base price for solid nickel gas cell construction is $18,000.00

 Call FTIR.com (603 886-5555) or e-mail (afuller@ftir.com) for configuration and pricing for various versions of these and other cells.

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Ni Cell- Horiz -in Nicolet

Ni cell installed in horizontal position

                     Mar 10M with Heater

Mars10M Vertical 

10 Meter Mars cells in vertical position in sample compartment.  Heater and temperature controller in on right.

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