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3 M 200 cc Gas Cell


Low Volume, Long Path Gas Cell

This low volume (0.2 liter) gas cell has a path length of 3 meters.  It has been designed to be installed in any FTIR spectrometer’s sample compartment.  The drawing below shows its major features of a stainless steel version.  The gas cell can be made of Ni coated aluminum, 316L stainless steel, or nickel.  The standard windows are KBr, but other materials maybe used.  The standard o-rings are Viton, but again other o-ring materials such as Teflon, Kalrez, etc.

This configuration is excellent for a 3 meter gas cell with low volume for some GC and LC applications where one needs a longer pathlength and high temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius for Ni coated Al and higher temperatures for short periods of time using stainless steel construction. 


Mars 0.2L-3M-SS-crop
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